Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

"The Io Passion" on Twitter by Vanessa

Hello! My name is Vanessa.

After attending the Film School in Barcelona, I realized how essential it is for film directors to complement their jobs with a historical and transverse overview of Humanity and Arts. That's why I decided to study also Humanities. My degree gave me the challenge to understand what make us be, nowadays, who we are.

Thanks to the opportunity I got last summer to work at the Salzburgerfestspiele, I could witness several of the rehearsals that took place there. Suddenly I found myself also interested to explore how many points in common and which differences exist between film and theater directing. Although at the end, there's always the same target; to give instructions to connected with the knowledge of the deep and eternal questions of the human being.

To keep this interest in growing as a director, I start this week to attend the rehearsals of "The Io Passion" at the Wiener Kammeroper. Also, during my time with the production I will report on Twitter what it's going on, on the stage and give the chance to the followers to join the steps of a Theatrical play.

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Liebe Grüße,

Vanessa Segarra Sánchez

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