Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

The Ana Passion (2)

Day by day “Io Passion” production becomes much more detailed and complex. Ongoing stage of preparations is a process which involves all the soloists, theatre director, his assistant, conductor, concertmaster (on stage), as well as other departments that makes their invisible jobs (offstage). Almost all the draft of the production is rehearsed with performers.

“Io Passion” itself tells the story of a woman who is overcome by an unfamiliar sexual passion for a man. She tries to understand this. But the gods and demons whose curiosity has been whetted by her action do not give her any peace. The civilized side of her life becomes even more governed by mysteries. The woman is forced to admit that “we have aroused something that we should have left to slumber.”

British composer Harrison Birtwistle – born in 1934 – was perhaps able to realize in a most compelling way what has always been his creative aspiration: showing how myths are still pervasive in today’s world.

To set up more familiar acquaintance with „Io Passion" opera – please find here a description of the Ancient Greek Myth about Zeus and Io – story that gave incentive to Birtwistle's and Plaice's (libretto author) opus. However, Harrison Birtwistle said once in his interview that most of his "operas and theatre works... usually come from musical ideas in the first place rather than ideas about subject matter."

P.S. Image above - "Jupiter and Io" by Italian painter Antonio da Correggio (1489-1534).

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