Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

The Ana Passion (3)

In addition to yesterday's post about the Ancient Greek Myth of Io and Zeus, please find here an excerpt from the "Io Passion" libretto: "The myth of Io offers a primitive pre-dramatic representation of the moon-goddness. In ancient rite, the moon was often worshopped as a celestial cow, because the new moon resembled cow-horns. In dramatic ritual, this cow would have sported three colours: white for the new moon, red for the harvest moon, black for the moon when it had waned. These also represent the three phases of the moon-goddess – the virgin, the woman, and the crone…", - as well as N.B. about the stage: "The phases of the moon are indicated above the stage".
How the creative group of "Io Passion" will follow these and other libretto instructions? Follow Wiener Kammeroper new blogposts and attend the premiere on February 10, 2011 :)

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