Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

The Ana Passion (1)

Hello! My name is Ana. I am an art manager from Vilnius (Lithuania), director of the Independent creative group OPEROMANIJA and Contemporary opera festival NOA (New Opera Action). For the next month I will stay in Vienna, where (thanks to EU programme for young art managers GULLIVER CONNECT) I will be doing my internship in Vienna Chamber Opera.
The title of this blog represents the mix of the name of the production I'm gonna work with (chamber opera "The Io Passion" by UK composer Harrison Birtwistle and libretto author Stephen Plaice), as well as my personal passion for contemporary opera, new art, fresh ideas (=creativity), etc.
During this month I'll try to post here various fresh news, my personal thoughts about contemporary art, insight into opera production development, as well as present various interesting invisible people who are always involved in such process directly from the Vienna Chamber Opera's administration office, concert hall and other theatre's lobbies. Hope this could be interesting to Vienna Chamber Opera blog visitors.
To set up our international acquaintance, here is a short English-Lithuanian dictionary of main musical/opera terms :)

Opera - opera
Chamber opera - kamerinė opera
Contemporary opera - šiuolaikinė opera
Theatre - teatras
Premiere - premjera
Libretto author - libreto autorius
Composer - kompozitorius
Theatre director - režisierius
Conductor - dirigentas
Soloist - solistas
Orchestra - orkestras
Choir - choras

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