Montag, 31. Januar 2011

The Ana Passion (4)

Set design of "Io Passion" opera is on stage! Watch one of "secret" pictures taken during the rehearsal:

By the way, here are instructions for the creators from opera's libretto about the stage: "The stage is divided into two areas: upstage and downstage. Downstage is divided into two halves, BOX A and BOX B.

BOX A: Downstage right – the exterior of an early twentieth century house. A Magritte style streetlamp. Upstage right – the interior of a living room that gives directly onto the street. It has an occasional table, armchair (with book), writing-desk and upright chair, mirror, window with blind, front door.

BOX B: Downstage left – the interior of the same living room. Upstage left – the exterior of the same house. The domestic downstage action is exactly mirrored upstage except when the blinds are drawn. We also hear the internal voices of the MAN and the WOMAN amplified offstage."

However, instructions are not rules, especially for real artists!

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