Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

"It was one of the highlights of my musical life." - Composer Kirke Mechem about his opera "Tartuffe" at the Wiener Kammeroper

Kirke Mechem on July 18 to Daniel Hoyem-Cavazza, Music Director of the Wiener Kammeroper
Dear Daniel: Many thanks for informing me of Kammeroper's financial difficulty. I have filled out and signed the petition. If the following statement would be of any help, you have my permission to use it in any way you choose. I still remember with the greatest pleasure the wonderful performance of my opera, TARTUFFE, by the Wiener Kammeroper in 2002 — one of the best I have hear of the 400 performances th work has had in six countries. It was one of the highlights of my musical life. As one who lived three years in Vienna long ago, I know what an important part of the ciy's cultural life the Kammeroper is.
Herzliche Grüße!
Kirke Mechem
San Francisco

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