Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Wiener Kammeroper: ”seizing the art of the now” (“die kunst der stunde“)

The programming of the Wiener Kammeroper is exclusively dedicated to rarities and/or Austrian premières of baroque opera, opera buffa, chamber musical and contemporary musical theatre.

In this season passions and crises will be brought to life on stage in different ways. Joseph Haydn composed “L’isola disabitata” which was modeled after the then popular Robinson Crusoe story. The Brit Harrison Birtwistle has gods and demons appear; in George Antheil’s “Venus in Africa” a man sells his wife and in Darius Milhaud’s “Le pauvre matelot” a woman’s own husband is disposed of in a rain-water tank.

In the youth workshops ”seizing the art of the now” (original German heading: “die kunst der stunde”, drafted and run by Martin Sigmund), access to “foreign”, unknown music is developed, a core element being the participants‘ own artistic activities. Music and topics of the chamber opera productions “Venus in Africa” by George Antheil and “Le pauvre matelot” by Darius Milhaud will provide the basis for the upcoming workshops.

More information can be found on as well as the Kammeroper-Blog.

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